Growers Oxide + 2 Flairosol Sprayers

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Eliminate odours, mold viruses and bacteria safely with our Growers Oxide and Flairosol Bundle. Flairosol sprayers are the newest handheld spray bottle on the market!

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Eliminate odours, mold viruses and bacteria safely with our Growers Oxide and Flairosol Bundle. Flairosol sprayers are the newest handheld spray bottle on the market!

Please note: the Flairosol sprayers arrive empty.

Growers Oxide + Flairosol Bundle

Includes one 1 Gallon jug of ready-to-use Growers Oxide and 2 Flairosol Sprayers. Read our Guide To Disinfecting Your Grow Room with Growers Oxide.

Flairosol Sprayers

We are excited to present the newest handheld spray bottle on the market! We are happy to continue to offer even more products that align with our mission to provide complete solutions for safe and effective disinfection.

  • Aerosol-free, refillable dispenser
  • Comfortably hold in one hand
  • Produces a fine mist with continuous spray—even if the bottle is upside down
  • Recommended for use with our Growers Oxide disinfectant

Growers Oxide works in a broad range of settings to safely eliminate viruses, bacteria, and odours without harsh chemicals or harmful residue. Now, the product that’s often used in industrial backpack sprayers fits in the palm of your hand, thanks to the Flairosol spray bottle!

The unique design of the Flairosol bottle provides non-pressurized spray without any harmful propellants. Press the trigger a few times and it produces a non-stop spray that covers evenly in every direction. Or press once for a powerful disbursement of mist.

The Flairosol bottle gives a fixed output of 1.20cc per second and that’s accurate from the first spray to the last, guaranteeing no drips at the end of this nozzle or wasted product.

It’s important to us and our customers that we make the most of every product. With the Flairosol bottle, you can refill Growers Oxide as needed, and the bottle’s design uses almost the entire amount before it’s ready to easily refill.

When you want the most effective way to cover an area with Growers Oxide without needing large-scale application, the Flairosol bottle is a great choice. The quick and easy method works at reception desks, in homes, for public entryways, in vehicles, and everywhere you need a handy method for disinfecting and odour removal.

Growers Oxide Resources:

Growers Oxide is effective as a grow room disinfectant and eco-friendly cleaning solution for all applications. Discover the Growers Oxide resources and benefits.

Growers Oxide Kill List
Benefits of Electrostatic Sprayers

Growers Oxide comes ready to use with no mixing required. Simply wipe the solution directly onto surfaces, or spray using an electrostatic sprayer or disinfectant fogger. Surpass all options in both efficiency and economy by applying Growers Oxide using our Victory Innovations Electrostatic Sprayer.


Growers Oxide use is intended only for surfaces and equipment, and not suitable for plant life, soil, or any organic matter or compounds.
For any further information, please refer to our full disclaimer page.

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5 reviews for Growers Oxide + 2 Flairosol Sprayers

  1. JayBee (verified owner)

    You can clean literally anything with this. Not just your indoor garden. If you buy without reading details, and only read reviews, the two sprayers come empty. Which is great because some delivery guys suck and crunch packages. Amazing product, amazing people to talk with, what’s not to love ?!?!

  2. Shane

    Great product! Cut my turn around time in half. No more bleach in my room. This is a Canadian product created by people with a passion for doing things right!

  3. Jpen87 (verified owner)

    Great product! Knowledgable team! A true game changer to my IPM regiment, allowing us to shorten up our SOPs.
    Also the sprayers are fantastic light weight tool to have for making up a foliar spray.

  4. Jinnslayerz

    Amazing product line and Canadian to this is gonna be everywhere in the future , customer service is unbelievable and the product speaks for its self health canada certified 🇨🇦

  5. Groot (verified owner)

    Great product, the extra flairosol makes a great gift for a fellow enthusiast.

    I use this for grow area cleaning, every surface on a regular basis as preventative SOP.

    Added value is how versatile this product is outside of the grow area. Use it to clean the whole house!!

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