Grow Your Crops In A Clean Environment

Growers Oxide uses eco-friendly technology to eliminate biofilms, molds, and bacteria from all growing facilities. No matter what you’re growing, see your crops thrive with our powerful eco-friendly disinfectant.

Cleanly growing crops is an art. To do it right, you need to be prepared. That’s why we’ve developed a disinfectant that is safe for use in greenhouses and indoor growing facilities!

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Growers Oxide was developed in partnership with industry professional growers, across various cultivation methods.
See how we can help with your preferred growing technique and all of the potential applicants for Growers Oxide, our eco-friendly disinfectant solution.


How Growers Oxide helps:

Growers Oxide will thoroughly disinfect your grow tent from top to bottom. Our Advanced Clean Room Technology™ is compatible with all grow tent applications. Plus, it will act as the foundation to your pest management program.

Molds, mildews, pests, and pathogens are the most common complaints among home growers using grow tents. Use our Advanced Clean Room Technology™ and the power of chlorine dioxide to safely eliminate pathogenic, pest, and fungal contamination from your grow space. All this without using any chemicals. 


How Growers Oxide helps:

The Growers Oxide Advanced Clean Room Technology™ can disinfect all surfaces within a grow space. It kills a wide spectrum of bacterial and viral elements and removes odours and allergens found in larger, high-humidity areas.

Growers Oxide goes beyond the fungal components of mold remediation by eliminating molds and mildew on a molecular level. It neutralizes spores and stops new fungal growth for up to four weeks after application, and it does this without damaging the surface being treated. 


How Growers Oxide helps:

Growers Oxide will keep all greenhouse applications, including HVAC equipment and irrigation systems, free of invasive organisms. Our disinfectants are designed to kill harmful pathogens on surfaces and in water systems in order to protect crops from disease, without compromising the health quality of your plants, fruits and vegetables. Growers Oxide removes all of the harmful pathogens and bacteria – and leaves your food safe and healthy!


How Growers Oxide helps:

To grow your crops cleanly often means using safe disinfectants to keep your horticultural applications clean. That way, you can keep your nurseries clean and free from pests and any bacteria, mold, or fungus. It also means using these same disinfectants to keep your crops free from pests and diseases that can damage their growth and quality.

Growers Oxide is known as antimicrobials or biocides—they’re designed to kill microbes such as bacteria, viruses and fungi that can cause infections in plants or animals.


How Growers Oxide helps:

You can use disinfectants to keep your nursery clean and safe for both humans and plants. There are many horticultural applications for disinfectant—for example, you can use it to wash down surfaces in your greenhouse or warehouse where you store seedlings. You can also use it to treat containers before planting starts so that any lingering germs from previous crops won’t be spread around by new seeds.

Growers Oxide is ideal for this kind of application because it’s made to defend against a variety of pathogens without harming humans or animals. Our products are safe on any surface and can be used at any time during crop growth without damaging the plant’s roots or leaves.

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