Eliminate Biofilms From Your Growing Area

If you’ve ever attempted to remove biofilms, you know how resilient they can be. Growers Oxide breaks down their molecular structure to effectively remove the undesirable layer from your grow space.

What Are Biofilms?

Biofilms are a thin collection of microorganisms that form on and coat wet surfaces. Biofilms form when bacteria is exposed to environmental stressors such as UV radiation, nutrients, extreme pH, extreme temperatures and in high salt concentrations.  This is why biofilms are commonly found on grow tables, reservoirs, in irrigation systems, hydroponic systems, and plant containers. Biofilms are a problem in grow rooms because they are both difficult to detect and even more difficult to remove.

What Makes Growers Oxide So Effective?

Growers Oxide uses a stabilized form of chlorine dioxide to provide high quality disinfection against biofilm.  The chemical structure of this compound works to break down the cell wall which is  protecting the core of each cell.

Growers Oxide also alters the amino acids in a cell, preventing proteins from re-forming in the cell membrane. Thanks to this technique, all organisms within the cell wall will eventually die. 

Growers Oxide is the appropriate choice for fighting biofilms in your grow rooms as;

  • Few known compounds can interfere with chlorine dioxide 
  • Growers Oxide prevents bacteria from building resistance which in turn removes the risk of producing multi-resistant strains
  • This solution also alters the cell structure, preventing cells from forming a community with other cells which is required to inhibit biofilm growth

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